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We offer VPS packages you can arrange according to your specific business needs. You can configure each VPS at any time.

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MyDataKnox Linux VPS Linux
MyDataKnox Windows VPS Windows

Each VPS package includes

  • MyDataKnox VPS unlimited bandwidth

    Unlimited bandwidth

    Every VPS plan includes unlimited data traffic

  • Complete root access

    Root access:

    Complete control and server access

  • MyDataKnox EU VPS server

    EU servers:

    Proximity of the servers ensures speed

What can I get with VPS?

Upon VPS configuration, you can choose additional options for easier management

  • Cloud backup
    Cloud backup

    You have the option of periodically saving your data to the MyDataKnox cloud. We protect your data using network-based replication and synchronization, saving so-called “snapshots” of each exchange

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  • cPanel & Web Hosting Manager (WHM)
    cPanel & Web Hosting Manager (WHM)

    cPanel enables you to easily manage websites and entire hosting packages, while WHM helps you manage users and accounts as if you were a hosting provider.

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  • Additional IP address
    Additional IP address

    You can lease up to 5 additional IPv4 addresses for each server

  • Premium support
    Premium support

    Ideal for users that require a more serious approach to server maintenance or those without server maintenance staff. At your request, our technical staff will perform the necessary work as soon as possible

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