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A user who’s feeling secure will be more likely to finish the purchase and return to your website. An SSL certificate protects confidential personal and financial data of users.

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Gain the trust of your users with an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate creates secure communication and confidential personal information and financial data of the user is kept protected (e.g. during credit/debit card transactions). Find the SSL certificate that’s right for your business:

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SSL certificate features

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    Website data protection

    Your website data is encrypted, thus ensuring the protection of privacy and preserving the integrity of the data exchanged on your website (e.g. credit card payments, domain and company data protection)

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    Security stamp and credibility:

    Displays the website’s security stamp and increases visitor assurance

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    Visibility – Google ranking

    SSL certificate is compatible with all major web browsers, thus increasing the visibility of your website (and, consequently, the number of views)

How do my visitors know that my website is secure

SSL is the encryption of data from readable text to coded text which can be read only by using a decoding key. SSL-protected websites inspire trust with users; in web browsers they are marked with a lock icon which means that they’re secure and they rank higher on Google and other search engines.:

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