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Every domain consists of a name and an extension. For example, the website “” consists of the domain “mydomain” and the extension “.com”. The purpose of the name is to identify your website, and the domain extensions are related to countries or business operations (e.g. the “.hr” extension stands for Croatia)

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Every domain includes

Simple management
Simple management

MyDataKnox enables you simple management of your domain and all its features using a control panel

Simple management
Automatic renewal

Automatic domain renewal protects the domain from expiring. Automatic renewal can always be switched to manual.

Simple management
Domain locking

Domain locking prevents unauthorised or accidental domain transfer. You can unlock it for transfer at any time.

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Web hosting packages

Once you’ve set up a domain, you need web space for its placement.

Choose your hosting plan:

  • Standard web hosting

    For all types of needs – basic websites to webshops

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    Designed for complex websites with a greater amount of visitors and users (e.g. webshops)

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  • Reseller hosting

    Enables you to create your own tailor-made web hosting packages for your clients

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  • Radio hosting

    The ideal solution for audio broadcasting to anywhere in the world, for people of all ages

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Frequently asked questions

My first domain is free (how, where, what do I need to do…)

A free .hr domain can be registered by all legal entities (companies associations, political parties and other Croatian-based organisations) and natural persons performing a registered business activity (tradesmen, medical doctors, attorneys, artists, etc.).
The process of registering a free .hr domain is very simple and performed through Carnet.
All you have to do is go to, click “Register” and follow a few short steps.

Why do I have to enter my Personal Identification Number or Company Registration Number (the Croatian “OIB”) when purchasing an .hr or domain

Croatian domains are linked to natural and legal persons, therefore, Carnet requires you to enter your PIN or CRN upon registration of a .hr or domain.

Registering a domain

WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR REGISTRATION OF A .COM.HR DOMAIN are paid domains, available for registration to all legal and natural persons in the Republic of Croatia. The number of domains that you can register is unlimited, and you can perform the registration here

There are no requirements in terms of domain names (apart from technical requirements regulated by Carnet’s Ordinance).
Considering the fact that there are no special requirements in terms of a domain name, the users must adhere to the Ordinance insofar as to refrain from registering domains that would violate intellectual property rights (trademarks and brand names).
Those types of domains must not be sold nor provided to third parties.
Should it become established that a domain is being exclusively or mostly used by a person not registered as its user, the domain will be deleted.

Registering a .hr domain

There are two types of .hr domains: free and paid domains.

A free .hr domain can be registered by all legal entities (companies, associations and other legal persons) and self-employed natural persons (tradesmen, medical doctors, attorneys, artists, etc.) based in the Republic of Croatia.
The user has a right to one free domain which they can register through an online registration system at:
Paid .hr domains can be registered by all legal and natural persons based in the Republic of Croatia which hold an “OIB” (Croatian Personal Identification Number), as well as legal persons based in the EU which hold a VAT ID.
You can register a paid .hr domain here.

The name of a domain pertaining to a legal person must contain its registered name, its shortened registered name, an acronym of its name or an abbreviation containing the syllables of a multi-word registered name.
The name of a domain pertaining to a self-employed natural person must contain their registered name, their shortened registered name, an acronym of their name, an abbreviation containing the syllables of a multi-word registered name or an indication of their activity, as well as their first name, last name or full name.
There are no particular limitations regarding names of paid domains.

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