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Why do I need a domain?

In the world of business, having a domain has become just as common as having a telephone number. If there is no domain name displayed on your company’s advertising and business cards, the clients that prefer to browse products and services online, which is widely spread nowadays, might skip your content if they are unable to easily find that information. Nowadays, a registered domain and a high-quality website is a business priority, since it’s a very cheap way to present a company name and information to the general public in a way that is simple and quick.
Individuals also want to have their own domain for private or family websites and various activities, but often just to be able to create a private e-mail address on their own domain. If you’re an author, artist, activist, volunteer, or if you perform another kind of activity under your name, registering a domain that carries your full name will create a unique address that you can use for promotion.
A good domain name and a related e-mail address inspire confidence in users, so it’s quite obvious that an imaginary company “My Company Ltd.” would use a domain such as for their websites and an e-mail such as for communicating with their clients.

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