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What is included in the Hosted Exchange service?

Hosted Exchange offers you advanced e-mail options for your business environment:

  • Manage company activities
    You can create as many calendars you need to easily manage various types of activities.
  • Create individual and group meetings
    You can create meetings and promptly send an invitation to the relevant people.
  • Share your activity calendar
    By clicking on the calendar, you can quickly view all the activities and share them with others.
  • Manage contacts and groups
    Add and manage your contacts in a single place. You can create groups for different teams in your company in order to facilitate group communication.
  • Don’t forget the key persons
    Make business cards for key people, so that you never forget who they are and what team or company they are affiliated with.
  • Create and manage tasks
    Hosted Exchange also contains a task management tool. Create tasks and manage your to-do list so that all team members can keep up with the deadlines.
  • Save brief notes
    Your notes are of no use to you if you can’t access them. The exchange of e-mails enables you to save those kinds of creative ideas so that everybody can access them anywhere and at any time.

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