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What does the Skype for Business service offer?

Microsoft has developed a special version of Skype for companies in order to enable options which standard Skype users don’t require. Some of the essential options of Skype for Business service are:

  • High video quality
    Enjoy the HD quality of video conversations with the option of face tracking
  • Instant messages for faster communication
    Enables you to communicate with your co-workers through messages, which accelerates the exchange of information. It also enables you to check the availability of your colleagues and subsequently call or leave them a message
  • Easy sharing among colleagues
    Skype for Business enables you to share files, even desktops, so that others can see what you’re doing. You can also share PowerPoint presentations and notes, which can be very useful during video conferences
  • Integration with the Hosted Exchange service
    Skype for Business complements the Hosted Exchange service in such a way that it enables you an overview of your schedule and the schedule of your contacts so that you always know who is available and when
  • Presence and statuses
    Providing information regarding your presence is a quick way for other people to see your availability status. Your presence is automatically defined on the basis of your Outlook calendar or you change it manually. You can define the status of your presence manually so that it displays the details you want others to see. You presence can also include a personal note that will be displayed on your contact list and contact card.
  • Highly secure usage
    Conventional consumer solutions regarding instant messaging can make your business vulnerable to third-party intrusions. Skype for Business offers you high-quality Enterprise protection which safeguards the security of your company
  • Mobile phone and e-mail integration
    Skype for Business can be integrated with other communication channels by enabling you to call Skype users and telephones, thus reducing your telephone expenses. Moreover, you can integrate Skype for Business with Outlook and transfer all your contacts with just a few clicks, send a message to your co-workers and even organize a video conference

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