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What is included in the premium support service?

The premium support service includes:

  • physical hardware management, monitoring and exchange
  • ensured network availability
  • free installation of the cPanel control panel or CentOS Web Panel (hereinafter “Panel”) during the initial server configuration
  • optimisation of the operating system during the initial server configuration
  • free initial security arrangements
  • free transfer of initial accounts from a remote system with the same control panel upon the initial server configuration
  • management of all aspects of the operating system, assistance and resolution of all issues related to the operating system and standard control panel components
  • MyDataKnox support, with the best intentions and within our possibilities, regarding third-party applications that don’t affect the operability of the Panel or the operating system
  • provision of support through a remote system is not supported

Visit our websites for a detailed overview of activities included in the MyDataKnox premium support.

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