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What are some important features of CloudLinux?

Cloudlinux OS offers great stability-related features:

  • LVE virtual environment
    LVE is a kernel-level technology developed by the CloudLinux team which operates in a way similar to container virtualization. The LVE Manager enables you to maintain precise control over your server’s resources, including CPU, IO, memory, inodes, the number of processes and connections that each individual cPanel account can use. Thanks to CloudLinux, you can ensure for your customers the resources they leased without depriving other users from their resources.
  • MySQL Governor
    MySQL is often one of the main problematic areas for hosting companies. Keeping MySQL stable can be tricky, and users sending requests to the base can slow everything down. That’s where MySQL Governor comes in. Its ability to pinpoint problematic users and limit them in real time is unprecedented in the industry as of yet. Offering support for the latest versions of MySQL and MariaDB, CloudLinux is an imperative part of any shared hosting.
  • CageFS
    CageFS is a virtualized file system which isolates every user and makes them invisible to each other within the system. CageFS prevents a great number of attacks, including most attacks performed through privilege escalation.
  • PHP Selector
    Enable your users to select a specific PHP version that they require for their hosting account. PHP Selector provides premium flexibility by offering the users all the popular versions of PHP, which enables them to keep old scripts without the obligation to use newer PHP versions or change the code of their website. You are in charge of managing the PHP versions that are available to the users, as well as all available PHP extensions.
  • Mod_lsapi
    Faster than any other way of serving PHP using an Apache server, while also being compatible with MPM Worker and not requiring configuration. It support PHP settings through .htacess and is completely compatible with PHP Selector.
  • SecureLinks
    A kernel-level technology that prevents all known symlink attacks. This significantly increases the server’s security level and prevents hostile users from creating symbolic links between files.

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