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What are the advantages of WHM?

WHM is designed as a solution for simple management of a large number of websites and helps you manage resources and create user (hosting) accounts. Some fundamental benefits of WHM are:

  • it’s very easy to create hosting packages for your own projects, as well as offer a web hosting service to others
  • enables you to manage hosted websites and separate them into individual cPanel accounts, which is really useful if you wish to keep business sites separate from private ones, or simply want to separate the access to control panels of each hosted website
  • automated management of security settings helps you increase the security of all websites, since WHM enables you to manage a firewall, as well as many antivirus and antispam solutions, through integrated mechanisms and simple extensions
  • regular upgrades prevent various types of malfunctions that might jeopardise your server
  • a free SSL certificate is automatically assigned to each hosting account, which ensures additional security for each hosted website.

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