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Redirecting a free .hr domain by changing the nameserver Which SSL certificate should I choose? What is JetBackup for cPanel? What are the advantages of the MyDataKnox R1Soft backup? How much does a domain transfer cost? How quickly are changes in DNS propagated? Can I change the operating system on VPS, and how? Can I use my own SharePoint templates? Are there limitations regarding the number of e-mail messages I can send? Why should I use CloudLinux OS and in which situations? What are the limitations of a DNS hosting service? Which radio hosting statistics will be displayed? What is CloudLinux? What kind of web hosting support does MyDataKnox offer? Which players is MyDataKnox radio hosting compatible with? What’s the difference between a domain and hosting? Can I lease an additional amount of listeners? What are some important features of CloudLinux? What are the limitations regarding document transfer? Does the server include full root/administrator access? What is domain propagation? Can I access the service using an Internet browser? What’s the difference between a web hosting e-mail and Microsoft Hosted Exchange e-mail? Can I use R1Soft backup on virtual/dedicated servers? Is there a refund guarantee with regard to reseller hosting? How many hours of work are included in the premium support service? Which characters can I use in my domain name? What types of issues does CloudLinux resolve? What is the maximum size of an e-mail message that I can send and receive? How will the visitors on my website know that it’s protected? Is there a limitation to the number of characters a domain name can contain? What is Skype for Business? What are the advantages of cPanel? Which level of DNS script control does DNS hosting provide? What is included in the Centova Cast administration web panel? If I don’t use up all of the work time included in the premium support service within one month, is the extra time transferred into the following month? Does cPanel come with VPS? Which panels do you support? What is an SSL certificate used for? Why do I need web hosting? How can I renew my domain? What are the benefits of MyDataKnox VPS hosting? What is WHM / reseller hosting management? Can I try out MyDataKnox radio hosting? Which operating systems are available with VPS? How is the Hosted Exchange service paid for? What is MySQL Governor and what is it used for? What is MyDataKnox premium support? What is LVE and what is it used for? Why do I have to enter my Personal Identification Number or Company Registration Number (the Croatian “OIB”) when purchasing an .hr or domain Is cPanel included in the dedicated server service?

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