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What are some important features of JetBackup?

Some important features of JetBackup for cPanel are:

  • Incremental data backup
    After creating the first backup copy which encompasses the entire cPanel account, every subsequent copy will solely include the differences in relation to the previous version, which accelerates the process of creating backup copies and enables the user to review the stores changes in detail.
  • Storage of copies to multiple locations
    JetBackup enables several technical options for the purpose of creating backup copies, such as storing copies to a remote server using FTP ili SSH, storing them on Dropbox or Amazon S3.
  • Recovery of individual files from backup copies
    In case you don’t need to recover the entire cPanel account, the transparent interface of JetBackup enables you to recover individual files, e-mail messages, databases, DNS scripts and a lot more with just a few clicks.
  • Full CloudLinux support
    With the full support of JetBackup for CloudLinux, you can place the process of creating backup copies within the LVE, which makes the backup copy be created within individually assigned resources for each cPanel user. If you don’t have CloudLinux, you can still optimise the process of creating backup copies by using resync IO limitations and assign priority to services.

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