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Do I need my own domain for Hosted Exchange e-mail? Can I change the administrator (root) password and how? If I order a new VPS today, how much time will it take for it to be ready for use? What do I get with WHM? What is a dedicated server used for? Types of SSL certificates How can I upgrade a cPanel license? What is DNS? Who can use and manage VPS? Registering a .hr domain How is a DNS hosting service used; where are DNS scripts edited? What is LVE and what is it used for? What are the limitations of a DNS hosting service? What happens if the number of cPanel users exceeds the number limited by the license? What is a domain name and extension? What kind of support do your provide regarding the VPS service? How are cPanel licenses selected and paid for? Why do I need a domain? What is included in the Hosted Exchange service? Can I host game servers on my VPS? Which operating systems are available for the dedicated servers? What is bare-metal restore? Which players is MyDataKnox radio hosting compatible with? What are the benefits of MyDataKnox VPS hosting? My first domain is free (how, where, what do I need to do…) What is EPP Code? What is included in a dedicated server service? What is a user account on a cPanel server? Who can use and manage a dedicated server? What is WHM / reseller hosting management? How much does 1 hour of premium support cost if I don’t have a subscription? How can I migrate my web hosting content to VPS? What is included in a MyDataKnox DNS hosting service? Do I need a VPS server? What are some important features of JetBackup? What does JetBackup offer in comparison to standard cPanel backup? Does the server include full root/administrator access? Are there limitations regarding the number of e-mail messages I can send? Can I get a DNS hosting service if I transfer my domains to MyDataKnox? Which domain names are available? What is SSL and how does it work? Why do I need DNS hosting? Why do I have to enter my Personal Identification Number or Company Registration Number (the Croatian “OIB”) when purchasing an .hr or domain Redirecting an existing domain to MyDataKnox hosting What is a nameserver and what is it for? What is the maximum size of an e-mail message that I can send and receive? Can I expand disk space on my existing VPS? What is MyDataKnox premium support? How do I manage my dedicated server? Why do I need web hosting?

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